Lavender & Honey

Hand balm


Lavender & Honey

Hand balm

     Handmade Moisturising Hand Balm made with natural ingredients suitable for use on sensitive skin.

     With Lavender Fragrance Oil (Allergen Free) and Honey added for enhanced appeal.

 Smooth. Non Greasy.

 Easily absorbed. Natural Ingredients.

 Suitable for even sensitive skins.

 Divine fragrance.

 A little goes a long way.


 You'll love this hand cream,

it's more than a bit special.

     Available in 60ml tins.


     Packaged in an attractive box. 

    For you or as a very acceptable gift to someone special.

    All our cosmetics meet the highest standards having passed a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) for each product. This is to UK and EU requirements.

None of our cosmetics have been tested on animals and do not contain parabens, paraffin or any known allergens.

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